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Workshops for those who really want to know how

For those who really want to get into the soap making spirit, you should attend one of our workshops. These are actual hands-on classes where you get to create your own masterpiece. You don’t need to bring anything in the way of supplies, we provide it all. The only thing we might suggest is don’t wear your best clothes. It’s not a messy class, but you just never know. Charlotte makes the main batch in a large pot and everyone gets to see the changes as various base oils are added. Then everyone gets a full bowl poured from the big pot and the fun begins. Feel free to add your favorite essential or fragrance oil, powdered plant material or even some oatmeal & honey. This is your soap, so get creative!

We don’t usually hold scheduled classes, we generally let the “sponsor” organize and gather some friends together at a convenient location. We’ve held soap classes in libraries, churches, hotels, extension centers, schools and private homes. The only real requirement is a space big enough for as many people as want to attend. The cost is $35.00 per person. However, the “sponsor” setting up the class gets an added incentive: he/she receives five dollars off their cost for every person that attends the class. So in other words, when our class in Owasso had twelve people, the hostess not only didn’t pay for her class but was able to pick out an additional $35.00 of materials at no cost to her. So you can see the advantage of a large class! We operate in the Oklahoma City metro area, but we’ve traveled north of Tulsa, east to Sallisaw and elsewhere in the state. So if you’re interested, please email or call us and we can work out the details.

The difference between doing a workshop or a demo is the hands-on aspect. In a demo it’s more of a sit & watch aspect…you may learn the process, but it’s not the same as getting your hands “dirty”. There is no per person charge with a demo, but we usually work out a speakers fee of some sort. The only thing we ask—at either a demo or a workshop—is that we’re allowed to bring our finished soaps and offer them for sale. We find that demos are usually applicable to larger meeting or convention groups. We have often found that demos are a great development source for future workshops.

Thanks for reading through all the information. Let us know if you think a soap workshop or demonstration is in your future.


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