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The oils used in Laughing Rabbit handcrafted soap are carefully chosen for the benefits they impart to the soap. Starting with the base, soy shortening is an enriching substitute for the animal fats. Nobody had to die for our soaps! Olive oil is used for it's moisturizing and antioxidant effects. Coconut oil helps the bar to lather, palm kernel oil aids in hardening and rice bran oil is an excellent skin softener. All that gets mixed together with water and the catalyst that pulls it all together, sodium hydroxide--lye. Now remember, although lye is used to make the soap, there is no lye in the soap.

We make our soaps by the cold process method. In other words, the only time we need heat is to melt the solids (soy shortening, palm kernel flakes, coconut oil). The traditional soap manufacture method is the hot process. It's what many people picture from the old farm/ranch days, with grandma cooking down all the fats and oils in an open kettle over a roaring camp fire. We've done the hot process before, but believe me, we'll stick with the cold process.

The advantage of hot process is that the soap is ready the next day. With cold process, you have to let the bars cure for at least three weeks before using/selling them.

What you have now is a bar that is 3/4 soap and 1/4 glycerin. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soap making process and a major moisturizing element. Without the animal fats, what you've got, basically, is a friendlier version of Grandma's lye soap.

We then carefully blend in essential oils or occasionally fragrance oils. The only additives are from nature and are in the form of herbs, grains or spices.

One more very important additive is raw silk. Silk is actually the very first additive. In order for it to melt, it must be added to the lye water in the very beginning of the process. This adds a smoothness and feel that is truly exceptional.

These soaps are all very moisturizing and mild. They are long lasting and the fragrance stays with them throughout the life of the bar.

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My best friend Laura bought me the Emu Hand and Body Balm, and I absolutely love it! I'm a baker and work with my hands, and spend a lot of time washing, cleaning, and generally abusing my poor hands. Most products either don't work, or really sting when I use them because my hands are so dry and cracked. But this balm is wonderful. Plus, the scents you combined remind me of the wonderful spa days Laura and I used to share when we were roommates, and not living thousands of miles away.

Thank you for an amazing product, and for a happy memory!
Your elated customer,

---Lindsey S.


Dear Dan and Charlotte,

On a recent visit to the OSU-OKC Farmer's Market (Fall 2010), I was lured to your booth by the heavenly aroma of your soaps! As if that wasn't enough to make a customer out of me, the information you shared about the various combinations of ingredients and benefits of handcrafted soaps convinced me to give it a try. I selected Oklahoma Sunrise and Peppermint for myself, and my son chose Dragon's Lair. What a life-changing decision this has been! My skin has never softer -- or smelled better! I find I don't even need to use lotion after a shower, as my skin just feels and smells so healthy! Also, I have had a little patch of contact dermatitis on my hand which is now improving with the use of your soaps.

Needless to say, I returned this past Saturday to stock up on Laughing Rabbit soaps, as I never, ever want to run out! Now, even my husband and son are using your wonderful soaps. My goal is to make our house smell like your booth at the Farmer's Market! I cannot thank you enough for your lovely soaps! The only problem I have now is choosing which scent to use next!!!
I'll be seeing you soon ~

---Susan J., Oklahoma City, OK


Hi Dan & Charlotte,
I've been buying Laughing Rabbit soaps for almost two years, and I never want to use anything else! I have had eczema and sensitive skin nearly all my life. Most soaps - even the "dermatologist approved" ones or the "organic" soaps - irritated my skin. After showers, my skin would turn red, dry out, and itch. For years I searched for a soap that would cleanse without irritating.
Your soap is the only soap that does not cause breakouts or irritation. Most people with eczema cannot use scented soaps; however, I have tried several of your scented soaps and they do not irritate my skin. In fact, the patchouli rose actually helps clear up my eczema breakouts! My skin is noticeably softer and healthier since I've started using your products.

Thank you for making a quality product - and at such a great price! I'm a customer for life.

---.Megan A. , Oklahoma City, Ok.
June, 2010


Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Oatmeal Honey Beauty Bar for the first time last month and absolutely love it! I have super sensitive skin and thought this sounded like something I could use. It is so soothing and gentle on my skin. Thanks so much for the great product!
You also included an extra bar with my order last month because one was a \"runt\" :).

Thanks so much for your generosity. I will definitely be ordering more this time around!

---Angie G., Jenks, Ok.
May, 2010


Dear Charlotte & Dan,
Just placed my order and I was trying to remember how long I have been ordering your soaps....I met you both at the Carol & Crumpets show in Tulsa some time ago (I owned a company that made herbal vinegars & oils) and I have yet to use any other soap! I have been very remiss in not saying thank you for recommending it. It is simply the best soap and I love it. In fact I get nervous when I get down to my last 2 bars...:-)!


---Kimberly N. Fort Worth, Texas
May, 2010


Itís been a while since I placed an order, but please know that I appreciate you and your soaps now more than ever! :) I recently made friends with a lady who sells Arbonne, long story short she talked me into buying some product. I liked it pretty well at first, but as time went on I started realizing that it just wasn't as good as it should be for the hefty price tag. Lesson learned- LRSoaps are the best for my skin and my pocket book! So thanks for such a great product and such wonderful customer service. I did get that note and extra soaps in my last order (thanks so much) and it made me smile to know that you were thinking of us still. I'm just not very good at correspondence! :) Hope your spring is blessed!

--Laura - Eielson AFB, Alaska


I am very pleased with what I purchased, and only wish I could have ordered more.
I look forward to my next order, and I will let Charlotte know which of the scents I liked, that way maybe she can make me the lotion or at least sell me the scented oil and I can mix my own.
Thanks so much for your personalized response! Take care!

-- Marilyn P., Orange, California


Hello. I am the lady you gave a sample of the Above and Beyond soap. I have extremely sensitive skin and at the time had a rash on my face a neck. I was using 2 types of medicine given to me by the dermatologist and was getting no relief. After 2 days of using the Above and Beyond bar the rash began to leave and was completely gone in about 4 days. I am definitely going to order soap. I would like to know if you have a shampoo soap also. If so, please advise which it is and then I will place my order.

Thanks so much.

--Ada P., Tulsa, Ok.


Hi Charlotte,
This is Faith from the food coop. I just wanted to let you know I think the buffalo tallow soap is really neat. I love the name you picked for the scent---Vision Quest. You have a real talent for choosing just the right scent, colors, and name to make a soap very special. Each one is really a work of art. They are a joy to use.
Oh, I also wanted to tell you the Odor Be Gone soap is a life-saver for moms with babies in diapers! I use cloth diapers and sometimes after rinsing out a poopy diaper, I would thoroughly wash my hands and nails two or three times and my hands would still stink. Needless to say, this was gross and frustrating. Now that I use Odor be Gone, I wash my hands thoroughly one time and they are completely free of odor! I highly recommend it. It would make a great shower gift. :D Hehe, I sound like a commercial! Well, I'm definitely sold on it. :)
Have a great day and thank you for the wonderful products.

---Faith M., Oklahoma City


Hi Charlotte: Great Product --
This is Gwen. I met you at the Farmer's Market this morning. I got a chance to try Peppermint Plus today from my coop purchase and loved it. I'll definitely buy from you again, in fact, I think my daughter has one she wants to buy next week after smelling all your soaps.

Thanks again.

--- Gwen H., Oklahoma City


Thanks for my prompt order. I received my order on Thursday and wanted to thank you. The soap lathers up nicely and has a great smell. I will be ordering again, you can count on that. I want to try the lotion and balm as well as the lemongrass, that's one of my favorites as well as the patchouli and etc.....This was my first order and I am glad I found you. My husband, son and myself use it and they love it as well.

Thanks again.

--- Kelly H. Sebring, Florida


Hi, I just sent another order and included an additional Oklahoma Sunrise (total of 3 for the two orders).

Thanks again for such great products and service.

--- Priscilla S., Lawton, Oklahoma


Thanks very much for including the 2 extra soaps. We appreciate your personal and considerate service. I hope you have a thriving business!

--- Connie W. Tomball, Texas


Just wanted to thank you for the prompt shipment, the package was received and opened (although I told her it was a Christmas present I guess she couldn't wait) and she called me yesterday to thank me. She also said there was a little jar of emu balm enclosed and I wanted to thank you for that added touch of Oklahoma. I don't remember when I have been treated so well as a customer and I will be placing more orders in the future for my family and friends.

--- Margaret P., Norman, OK.


Thank you for a really wonderful product. We love your soaps. It's the only thing I've found that takes care of my winter dry skin. This is our second order and won't be our last.

Thanks again.

--- Mary M., Choctaw, OK.


Thank you so much for the order, I'm just thrilled with the soaps. They arrived today (Wednesday), which is great considering the distance. I hurriedly opened the envelope and was surprised by the wonderful aroma of patchouli. I've tried the Cheech first (not only am I a sucker for patchouli, the hint of orange is marvelous!) and am very pleased. Please keep up the great work, and I look forward to ordering more in the future.

Best regards

--- Diane B., Cranbrook, BC


I love your soap. The lemongrass is so strong and pure !! And the soap doesn't leave me feeling as dried out, as others have.

Thank you.

---Pam T., Tulsa Ok.


Your products are wonderful. Thank you. Specifically, the hand and body balm is the only product that keeps my cuticles from being dry and sore. My first experience was a gift and this time I purchased for myself along with some soaps, so thank you for your wonderful products.

---Belinda M., Midwest City, Ok.


I received my order today and I am very pleased with the soaps. The fragrance is fantastic, the lather is unbelievable. I love your soap and the one thing I really love is the soap is just as now as it was when I first opened it up!! It doesn't dry my skin out either. It's an all around great soap. Thank you also for the quick delivery. I can't wait to order more. I will be back.


---Becky S., Cleveland, Tennessee


Thanks for the Hand & Body Balm. Itís really made a big difference on my thumbs and fingers. They were so cracked and painful I couldnít hardly stand it.
Remember how all my finger tips were bandaged? Well that salve took care of my fingers in just a week and the ends of my thumbs were greatly improved. Now Iím using it on my ankles
Thanks, Charlotte, Iím glad the Farmerís Market goes year round.

---Jerald A., Yukon, Ok.


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