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Patchouli Patch

 All of our Patchouli blends are only $5.00 each

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"I have used your patchouli soaps already and am reordering the ones I liked best.  Regular commercial soap dries out my skin and makes it flaky.  A local woman made soap here in Austin but she went out of business last year. Unfortunately, by then I was hooked on home-made soap.  Your soap is the real thing and doesn't try to be anything other than a good and true product. Please keep it up! "
Jeff S., Austin, Texas

The musty mystical scent of Patchouli is alive and well. Take a whiff and see what memories it brings back.



Patchouli Rose SoapPatchouli Rose
The same great patchouli, but softened by the sweet scent of roses. A very mellow and popular blend.



For all you Patchouli lovers, here's one completely different.  The combination of Lavender with the Patchouli gives a sweet-hot savor to this bar.  Then the addition of Vanilla subdues the flavor to an almost perfume-like quality.  We unveiled it first at our Farmers Market where it met with enough success for us to go back to the soap pots and make a lot more.  We love experimenting with combinations of lavender and patchouli.  This particular blend has been a rewarding alliance.  Patchouli, Lavender and Vanilla...someone should bottle it.

$5.00 ea.
Temporarily Out Of Stock

A unique combination of the earthy scent of patchouli, the exotic fragrance of frankincense and the lighthearted clean aroma of vanilla. Truly a distinct fusion of three oils not usually seen together. This is an old favorite of ours from years ago that’s been revived at the suggestion of a customer with a long memory…we thank her.

$5.00 ea.


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