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All of our Herbal Soap Blends from The Garden are only $5.00 each

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This is a category of soaps that derives it's name and ingredients from the herb garden. These are essential oil scented soaps that have always formed the base of our soap making endeavors, kind of our core soaps. The only exception is the Soap maker's Garden, which is a fun combination that came about by accident one day, but it became a keeper.

Remember that all our soaps are naturally glycerin enriched. It's all part of the experience of a well handcrafted soap.

Ginger LimeGinger Lime
Wow!! What a combination of flavors. The marriage of ginger & lime forge a refreshing, cheerful and exciting union. An extremely popular fragrance. It’s quickly become one of the more in-demand choices at our farmers market.

$5.00 ea.

Cedar & SaffronCedar & Saffron:
Enjoy the luxurious convergence of spice & perfume in the incredible
richness of saffron and the aromatic scent of cedar. Designed for the
season but may well be an indulgence for months to come.

$5.00 ea.

Raspberry Creme SoapRaspberry Crème
Think of ice cream, think of raspberry sherbet, think of big scoops of smiles and laughing children. Talk about jump out and grab you flavor, this is it! A real happy-time soap.

$5.00 ea.

Essential oil of lavender and powdered lavender flowers produce a heady scent. Soothing and calming…a perennial favorite.


$5.00 ea.

Patchouli Rose SoapPatchouli Rose
The same great patchouli, but softened by the sweet scent of roses. A very mellow and popular blend.

$5.00 ea.

Peppermint Plus SoapPeppermint-Plus
This is your morning wake-up soap. Contains ground peppermint leaf with essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus.

$5.00 ea.

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