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There's only a few of our soaps that don't have a scent, so when it came to putting soaps in the fragrant category we had to make some hard choices. Most of these soaps use some of our favorite fragrance oils to give them their particular aroma. In fact, the Sweet Earth with it's earthy frankincense is Charlotte's favorite, but you choose yours.


Green TweedGreen Tweed:

Traditionally listed as a manís scent, but in todayís world that could be a hard one to peg down. It was the favorite cologne of Cary Grant, which certainly didnít hurt its popularity any. Try it yourself and see what you think.

$5.00 ea.

Nag ChampaNag Champa

The legendary incense aroma from Indian spiritual teacher Satya Sai Baba. It's originally a combination of Indian incense, originating from a combination of the Champa flower and sandalwood. An earthy color and an earthy scent make this a soap worth lingering over.

$5.00 ea.

Cool Citrus BasilCool Citrus Basil

Light, refreshing, cooling, easy summertime scent...all very warranted adjectives for this fragrance.  The conjoining of Lime with Basil produces an aroma that is relaxing and calming.  We thought this might be more of a summertime bouquet, but just like our Cucumber Melon I think it's going to be a year round keeper.  After all, we'd probably enjoy a cooling and relaxing fragrance after the Christmas rush, wouldn't we?


Nightingale Nightingale

We're not much for perfume fragrances, but this one's different. A hint of flowers, a scent of old world exotic and a flavor of familiarity that you just can't quite place. It's from an oil called Indonesian Teak. It's already become a favorite of customers at the Farmers Market. Another keeper.

$5.00 ea.

Dragon's LairDragon's Lair

Swirling red and brown colors, an almost incense like aroma, hintingly exotic, yet warm & familiar. Some claim to pickup a slight root beer scent. The fragrance oil used is almost the same name as the soap. Can you guess the name? 

$5.00 ea.


Let yourself be carried off to far away places and times with the exotic fragrance of sandalwood. It's been described as a man's scent, but some ladies would argue that.

$5.00 ea.

Sweet Earth Sweet Earth

An earthy brown color and the heady aroma of frankincense fragrance oil makes this one of our favorite and best selling soaps. A special treat, and it doesnít have to be Christmas to enjoy it.

$5.00 ea.
Midnight MuskMidnight Musk

Surprisingly soft musk, not at all overbearing. A favorite for both men and women.

$5.00 ea. 

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