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Our sense of smell is thought to be the first to develop. Can you recall an event based on just a whiff of some fragrance? Scents are memory triggers. Remember the smell of the campfire from your first campout… the aroma of fresh baked cookies from the kitchen…the many layered fragrances of Thanksgiving and Christmas? These are all memories intertwined with scent.

Scents are very personal and individual. One person’s honeysuckle is another person’s ragweed. You know what you like, even if you may not know the name of it…there’s the citrus scents of lemon and tangerine, the earthy smells of patchouli and musk, the flowery scents of gardenia and jasmine, the exotic aromas of frankincense and sandalwood. Where do you fit into the world of fragrances?

The fragrance oils we offer here seem to be some of the most popular we carry. Of course, with man made scents the creations can be endless. Like the essential oils, we carry more than we have listed here. But also like the essentials, please be careful with their use. Although they are not as concentrated, they can still be harmful if used inappropriately. These are scent oils, not body oils.

If you’re looking for a fragrance oil not on this list, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can help you find it. Thanks.

Apple Jack
Apple Cider Cinnamon
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Amber Musk
Sweet musk with rich amber

$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Cool Citrus Basil
Refreshing, light, summery

$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Cucumber Melon
Fresh Green Cucumber Melon
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Dragon’s Blood
Sweet Citrus Woody Amber
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Sweet Woody/Baby Powder
$7.00 - 1/2 oz $10.75 - 1oz

Strong Sweet Gardenia Floral
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Indonesian Teak
Exotic, distant, heady perfume

$7.50 ½ oz $12.50 per 1 oz

Springtime, floral, memories

$7.00 ½ oz $10.00 per 1 oz

Nag Champa
Sweet Woody Powder Floral Incense
$7.00 - 1/2 oz $10.75 - 1oz

Midnight Musk
Strong, Rich, Woody
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Patchouli Rose
Heady rose with warm, earthy scent
$7.50 ½ oz $12.50 per 1oz

Strong, Rich, True Red Rose
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Strong, True Sandalwood
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Sweet Vanilla Cake
$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

Delicate floral, woodsy

$6.00 - 1/2 oz $9.00 - 1oz

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